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MalikShabazz “NEVER AGAIN” They can say that & more importantly live it bc they will not forget the 11 year holocaust inflicted on them, well I applaud them for this but why is there sooo much fuss when we talk about 500 years ?
We should never forget & we must stop treating one another the way that they have treated us IJS….

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OK…Huckabee was So on point yesterday on SSM. Most of the time I dont agree with him. People of Faith will be ostracized who don’t believe in Gay Marriage. It is actually a Human Right but not by traditional definition Civil Right. There will be much division. I still believe in Christian teachings. For 50 yrs, I have been a follower of the Bible. I can’t change over night. I am frankly, not there yet, to embrace a bond of SS, that belongs in private. Why do I have know your sex preferences? I suppose the age of sexual consent will be lowered to 14 next because of sexual preferences people have with children. Of course, I have right to my opinion.


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"We have not treated them like people," he said. By John Justice The Black church has, for years, been known for not being the biggest supporter...