The backhanded mark upon his lonely mother’s face triggered him to get between his parents at an early age. The difficulty of life bled true when he cast his only father out of the house. The lyrics that were written in his notebook bled through when he became accustomed to the dark shadows of his very own worst enemy.

“I want to say that these things that get in the way have helped me in my life,” Tragic Hero told Rapzilla. “The more that happens, struggles that I go through, things that I see, experiences on personal levels, the more material that I have to work with. I’m not saying that I’m out here looking for drama. What I am saying is that those things that get in the way — issues, struggles, hardships, errors, time periods that are really dark — they create advantages when it comes to writing. Some of the stuff that happens in life is just unavoidable, and some of it is necessary for me to go through to learn to be a better man, a more Godly man.”