De-stress the Buddhist Way

Getting out of the treadmill of stress may be easier than you think

Woman relaxing

Why are so many people stressed out… people who work normal job hours and have normal-sized families? Most people assume that chronic stress is due to having too much work and too little time. In my experience the answer is not quite as straightforward. Yes, people who are stressed often have a diary bulging with urgent appointments and their personal life is also chock-a-block with a massive amount of things which do not allow for a minute’s rest. But that alone does not explain why people are so stressed. In order to find the answer to chronic stress we have to look a little deeper than time management and organisation tools.

In my work as a Buddhist therapist I have noticed that there is one thing that many people fear like nothing else – this one thing is empty time. The thought of spending even a single hour with nothing to do – no television, no ‘phone, no internet, no reading, no conversation and not even a glass of wine, fills many people with an intense aversion and even dread.

And it is the fearful avoidance of empty time and silence that is one of the main reasons why so many people are stressed. In an never-ending attempt to fill even the last minute of the day with activity and entertainment there is just no room left for breathing .
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