Ben Carson: “Jesus Would Not Have Been Crucified If He Had A...

Ben Carson: “Jesus Would Not Have Been Crucified If He Had A Gun”

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shutterstock_290563451Several weeks after GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson told a crowd of supporters that the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened if the Jews were armed with guns to defend themselves against the Nazis, in Iowa Carson said in an interview, “Jesus wouldn’t have been crucified if he had a gun.”


The former neurosurgeon continued his pro-second amendment rhetoric with asking, “When the Jews were beating up Jesus Christ, don’t you think a gun would have helped our Lord and Savior?

“He never would have then been captured by the Jews and crucified by the Romans if he had a gun. He would have justly defended himself. If he had a gun to fight against swords, what do you think would win?

“The gun would win. That’s just common sense.

“Jesus having a gun would have changed the entire course of history. A gun-toting Jesus. Can you imagine that? There is no way I could beat him in a Republican race. Good thing I don’t have too.”


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