Gay Man Threatens To Release Sex Tape If Pastor Does Not Step...

Gay Man Threatens To Release Sex Tape If Pastor Does Not Step Down: See Video Of Secret Meeting

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(Photo Above) Markeith Rivers “The Down Low Detective” Says Local Pastor Living Double Life! Charlotte 08/07/2015
I hate to report on stories like the one I am about to share, but there is no way I can ignore it any longer. Last week Church Folk Revolution Charlotte passed on a story involving the Pastor of Weeping Willow AME (2220 Milton Rd. Charlotte, NC) and a Gay man who contacted the church regarding an alleged sex video involving the Pastor!

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In a separate video posted on his Facebook page Markeith Rivers (who calls himself the Down Low Detective) posted another video on his Facebook page where he gave his followers all the details of a sexual encounter with the pastor. Rivers said he also had a meeting with two Deacons from Weeping Willow Church and showed them the tape. According to Rivers the Deacons confirmed that the man in the video was their Pastor. In the same Facebook video Rivers also said he was planning a protest at Weeping Willow Church, if Pastor Henrico White did not step down immediately.

This past Monday contacted Markeith Rivers at the request of concerned church members to confirm if there was in fact a sex tape, and once again he confirmed.

“I am not a porn star therefore I have no desire to post the video online, but I have shown this video to deacons from Weeping Willow and they both confirm the man in the video was their pastor. I am not a wolf in sheeps clothing – I am just a wolf. When a man can have sex with me on Saturday night then stand in the pulpit Sunday morning that man needs to be exposed.”

The photo below is a screen shot of Markeith Rivers had a meeting with the Board at Weeping Willow AME to discuss the sex tape.


Rivers is on a personal mission to expose Pastors that he says are living double lives – hooking up with gay men on dating sites – then preaching as if nothing happened.

After that interview we were still sitting on the fence with this story, and that’s when CFR Charlotte notified me that Markeith Rivers had post another video.

This latest video captures a meeting between Rivers and two local pastors who were sent by the area Bishop to moderate and investigate the scandal. In the video the two men ask Rivers to call off the protest he’s planning to demand that Pastor Henrico D. White step down.

Rivers is asked to allow due process to play out and call off his protest and in reply Rivers said “due process for what? You know Henrico is gay – you know your pastor is gay!” called Weeping Willow church and was unable to reach Pastor White, and was redirected to his email. Markeith Rivers is also demanding that the pastor of Weeping Willow Church step down, and has even threatened to place screen shots of the alleged sex tape all over the church.

The meeting with the three men concluded with an agreement that Rivers would get compensated for his travel – but it was inconclusive if they viewed the sex tape footage.

It is truly bizarre why the two pastors would meet with Rivers in this manner, and jeopardize their reputations, instead of simply asking the pastor to step down. Rivers has not hidden the video – and has made it available upon media request – we we’re also given the opportunity to view the video but declined.

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image is also calling for Pastor Henrico White to step down if for no other reason than his personal life and love interest, has derailed the focus of Weeping Willow AME Church.

Another member of Church Folk Revolution Baltimore Bureau put it best when he said the following.

Henrico White previously pastored two other churches in 2008 and 2012 and the emphasis from both churches was “the membership grew, the mortgage was burned and spirits were continually uplifted” and “Within a few month’s time, previous debts were eliminated, finances increased and the membership has grown.”

I think this would explain why they haven’t asked him to step down. Interesting how the emphasis is placed on numerical growth and not spiritual growth. But It’s just like sports. Despite off-the-field issues, as long as your franchise player (Pastor Henrico White) is producing on the field and putting fans in the seats you’re not going to bench him.

You’re going to keep him in the game.

Mr. B-More!

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