Expectations of 16-year-old Kaleb Mitchell are sky high after debut

Expectations of 16-year-old Kaleb Mitchell are sky high after debut

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As 16-year-old Kaleb Mitchell dropped his first solo project, Soliloquy, on July 10, there was little doubt in his colleagues’ mind that he has a bright future.“He’s one of those artists that is going to be taken to a bunch of different places. I feel like what John Givez is right now, he’s that. He is exactly that,” said Kings Dream Entertainment-producer Anthony Cruz, who produced the songs “Going for Broke” and “Land of the Free” on Soliloquy. “Not even so much in a Christian circle. I believe he is going to expand, and his music is going to be put out there, and it’s going to impact the world.”

“If this is something that he wants to pursue, which it obviously is, I think he can do whatever he wants. He makes amazing music,” said rapper B. Cooper, who is featured on “Lost My Way.” “I am 31 years old, and I relate to his music. I am genuinely a fan and look forward to see where everything takes him.”

However, close followers of the Wharton, New Jersey native probably never anticipated that he would be going about this by himself.

For the majority of his time as an artist, Kaleb was a part of a group dubbed The KENJEX. The group consisted of himself and his brother, Ben Beatz, and was featured in Rapzilla.com’s “Five Teen Rappers to Watch” earlier this year.

However, due to Ben Beatz’s decision to focus on football and his academics, The KENJEX is currently on a hiatus. This change has allotted Kaleb the opportunity the focus on his solo career, but he is sure that The KENJEX will work again in the future.

“Right now we are just taking a break from the group,” Kaleb said. “We didn’t want to do some big break-up thing where [The KENJEX] was no more, but we will eventually get back together.”

Kaleb feels that his time so far with The KENJEX has been highly influential to his career and has ultimately shaped the way he makes music today.

“When you have two minds, you bounce stuff off each other. You grow and you learn their kind of style of how they make music, and it grows you,” Kaleb said. “Being with my brother, making music, he would have ideas I didn’t have, which basically shaped all of my new sounds.”

Who is Kaleb Mitchell?

Although The KENJEX was Kaleb’s first real attempt at pursuing a career in music, he grew up in a family where music was ever prevalent. At an early age, Kaleb was introduced to hip hop, a majority of which came from his father.

“I kind of just grew up all around music,” Kaleb said. “My dad was a first-generation rapper. He had a group in the late eighties, early nineties… He built this studio in our house, and that’s basically where my love for music got started.”

While spending time in his dad’s home studio, Kaleb would often play with the different keyboards he had. Through this, Kaleb was able to teach himself piano by ear, which gave him the foundation he needed for beat making.

Furthermore, his father first presented Christian hip hop to his sons with his old Cross Movement CD’s. But Kaleb first felt impacted by music from the subgenre when he watched the music video for “Joyful Noise” by Flame featuring Lecrae.


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